1001 things to make you smile – Marion Kaplinsky

28 🙂 .

1.  When you*re suffering from low self-esteem just phone yourself. The line always be busy. See? People like you. You*re popular.

2. All of us are a blend fools and angels. We rush in and fear to tread at the same time.

3. The woods provide great shooling for a child. You can learn about the birds and the bees, the weather, the rhythms of nature, and two difficult words: trespassers 🙂 and prosecuted 🙂 .

4. With childre, the carrots works better than the stick. Except, of course, when you*re trying to get them to eat their carrots.

5. Never let your pet see you misbehaving: no one knows precisely how God obtains the information he uses to make his judgments. 🙂

6. The glass is neither half-empty nor half-full. It*s an opportunity for a refill.

7. It*s ok to be you, to be who you are. It*s absolutely not Ok to be somebody else. So spare a thought for people who are not you, who are somebody else. 🙂

8. Channel your fears into something more positive. Remember: Walt Disney was scared of mice.

9. Acquaintance: A person whom we know well enough to borrow from but not well enough to lend to. – Ambrose Bierce

10. All saints have a past and all sinners have a future. – Anton Cehov

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