Camp NaNoWriMo 8 iulie 2014

Vorbesc despre lucrul acesta pentru că puțini cunosc despre el, unii se tem că nu ar face față la așa ceva, alții nu se simt în stare să comunice cu oamenii care scriu, ca și ei, cu gândul că oricine le e superior.
Eu știu un singur lucru: este loc de oricine în lumea literelor, așa că încercați să luați legătura cu cei care organizează aceste trei luni de muncă asiduă: aprilie, iulie și noiembrie.
Camp NaNoWriMo is nothing without you, our incredible participants. Today, Claire Marino, a fellow Camper and member of the Young Writers Program, offers you some pep:
I was thirteen when I stumbled upon NaNoWriMo. I was looking for an outlet that would help me tap into my inner creativity, and I found one. But, a month? A full thirty-day month to commit to her writing project is a pretty big commitment for a thirteen-year-old kid in the middle of one of the most demanding months of the school year.
As I considered participating, I felt unqualified, unsure, and afraid. Everything around me was already taking a turn for the crazy. Why would I willingly throw myself into the center of another time-consuming adventure?
Roadblocks of self-doubt confronted me. Truth is, I’m still just about as “qualified” to write a novel as I am to operate heavy machinery. Which is to say, not at all. These obstacles almost stopped me from turning my writing from a hobby to a passion.  But who creates the qualifications for what exactly makes a writer? Who decides whether or not I am capable? Well, I decided, I do.
November soon arrived, and through a whirlwind of uncertainty, I decided to throw my cares away and leap into my story. After all, what’s the worst that could happen? I could either win and make significant progress on a story I really cared about, or not win and be proud to have tried something new.
I spent that month with my hands glued to my  keyboard, and my mom spent the month telling me to stop writing and go to sleep already. I spent every school day itching to get home and write, and every spare moment fantasizing about the story that couldn’t stop bleeding from my fingertips.
By the end of the month I was thoroughly exhausted. I had reached my goal with time to spare and kept going. I felt like I was flying, like I was on fire, like nothing could stop me. The second November ended, I found myself wishing for another session to start. Little did I know April Camp was just a few months away.
If I hadn’t participated in that first NaNoWriMo, I would still consider my passion for writing just another hobby. If I hadn’t taken the leap that November, I wouldn’t have had the courage or mind to keep creating throughout the increasing pace of life.
Looking back, I can honestly say that if I didn’t have a NaNoWriMo session every few months, I would not still be writing. Sometimes life just takes over, and you need an opportunity like NaNoWriMo to push you back into the habit of writing.
If there is one idea that always gives me the motivation to write, it’s this: You are the only person that has and ever will exist with a voice quite like yours, which is such a beautiful thing. No one can tell a story quite the way you can. No one can create quite the way you can. You are the only one who can tell your story.
All it takes is one leap of faith to turn your writing hobby into something bigger, to prove to yourself that you are capable of doing much more than you might think. Take a leap this month. Work towards a writing goal that’s right for you. What’s the worst that can happen?

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